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How to Build a Workbench

how to build a workbench

There are many step by step plans in the web today on how to build a workbench but most of them are too complicated. Even without prior experience in building, you can make your own workbench. There are ways you can try in order to make a stable or perfect workbench for your work shed or garden or just the garage.

Building one is actually a simple process and you can make your own with 10 simple steps. By following these, you’ll be able to make the best workbench for your projects.


Steps on How to Build a Workbench

Here’s how to build a workbench the easy way:

Use an old door with a solid core from the 1950’s as the workbench surface. Hollow doors from the recent decades are much too thin for this. The basic plan on how to build a workbench this way is to support this surface by joining two frames at its ends to for the basic workbench.

The two frames that make the workbench stand should be joined together with ¾” dowels. Drill the dowel holes by aligning the pieces properly using clamps. Though you can find other suggestions on how to build a workbench using other joints, using dowels is actually the sturdiest of them.

After the first hole is drilled, place some glue inside the hole without unclamping the pieces. Then, hammer in a doweling with the same size and length as the hole you drilled, typically 3.5” long. Repeat the same process for the second hole and dowel to complete the main cross piece. Finally, use a narrower dowel to connect the pieces between the legs.

Connect the end leg pieces with two 2×6 rails, with a length just short of the surface. Cut a dado on each rail preferably with a radial arm saw and screw them on to the legs. You can also use a sliding miter saw or a table saw combined with a saw sled, so you can accomplish this part of how to build a workbench with different methods.

Clamp these rails to the leg frames earlier and drill some holes so that you can join them with screws. Some plans on how to build a workbench use smaller but more screws while others use bigger but fewer screws so use what you think is appropriate.

To complete the workbench, screw in the surface to the leg assembly and you’re done!


Last Tips on How to Build a Workbench


This short guide on how to build a workbench is certainly very basic but you can expect a sturdy and rigid workbench to use for your other building needs. Remember to use a solid core top so that it can comfortably handle even heavy tools like a drill press. Though you can find more complicated plans on how to build a workbench, nothing beats a simple but effective approach especially for the beginner or the layman.

By learning how to build a workbench, you’ll experience the convenience of having a workbench in your own home.


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