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How to Build a Workbench with Drawers

How to build a workbench

It’s probably not enough that you only learn the basics of how to build a workbench; you’ll find that you need to add drawers to it for all the tools and materials that you have. While you can use metal slides with ball bearings for your drawers, it’s recommended to stick to wooden runners instead to save on costs and space.


Step By Step Guide on How to Build a Workbench with Drawers

Here’s how to build a workbench drawer:

First on how to build a workbench, the dimensions of the drawers are usually cut from 2×4 and 2×8 pieces of wood. Saw a piece in half and use those for the drawer’s sides, then plane these down to about 16 mm thickness. If you know how to build a workbench, this should be easy to accomplish with a table saw. Then, make the front and back portions a bit thicker, about 28 mm thick, as they will encounter more contact than the sides.

With different ways on how to build a workbench, there are also many various ways you can make the drawer slides. With the thinner sides used in this guide, it’s better that you just glue hardwood strips on the bottom of the drawer so they can slide in and out of the hardwood cabinet. For thicker sides, you can cut a groove into them instead.

Then for the bottom part, use a flat piece of plywood with the grain working along the sides. This works since you’ll be using the strip of hardwood to slide the drawer instead of the bottom part itself.

For the front part, use wood with a glossier surface such as oak veneer plywood. It’s much better to only attach this part onto the drawer once you have the drawer cabinet ready. There are also many ways on how to build a workbench drawer cabinet, and those will be covered in a later guide. However, make sure that you place the drawers into the cabinet before attaching the front part so you can align them properly even if there are inconsistencies inside.


How to Build a Workbench Handles for Drawers

For how to build a workbench handles for drawers, here’s a few things you have to remember.You can actually use different materials but using wooden ones adds a better flair for a completely wooden cabinet drawer. Drill a hole on both ends of the handle then use a band saw to take out the excess before routing them with a round router bit. When you screw the handles in, make sure to maximize the length of the screw that’s inside the handle so it won’t break off easily. Utilize a wooden block as a depth stop so the depths of the screw holes are consistent.

And that’s how to build a workbench drawer! You may need a few more steps to fully complete your workbench but it’s more important that you know the basics of how to build a workbench the simple and easy way.


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