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How to Build a Workbench Using Old Cabinets

how to build a workbench

Craftsmen of all kinds all appreciate a sturdy workbench. Though you can buy a ready-made workbench from a furniture store, knowing how to build a workbench is a much more cost-effective way of acquiring what’s probably a necessary piece in any craft or hobby room. With a simple plan on how to build a workbench, you can spend a weekend gathering the materials and building it with just the most basic of tools, and, probably surprisingly, using just old cabinets.

Ways on How to Build a Workbench

Here’s how to build a workbench with cabinet:

First, this is how to build a workbench base. Create the top and bottom part of the workbench using a sheet of plywood. Place this on a saw horse then neatly cut it in half. One half will be used for the bottom so place this on a work surface and create a tray by screwing on pieces of wood along the sides of the plywood. Then, add a caster to all corners of the tray using sheet metal screws. Align those about an inch from the tray’s edges for maximum support and also consider adding a couple at the center.

Next, you may have guessed how to build a workbench with old cabinets using this simple wooden tray base. Place the old cabinets upside down on the floor and make sure they are level. Now put the wooden base you made on top, neatly fitting in all the cabinets. Join the pieces using at least six deck screws for each cabinet. Once they are securely in place, turn it over so that it’s now right side up. Prevent this from rolling by using wood blocks.

Finally, create a similar tray as you did on the first step using the remaining half of plywood and the pieces of lumber. This is how to build a workbench surface. Place this on top of the cabinets and screw it onto them with about eight screws. When you’re done, you can now enjoy your new workbench that’s actually made from old cabinet pieces.

Other Tips on How to Build a Workbench

There are many more techniques you can use on how to build a workbench. Once you have a workbench of your own, it will be so much easier to create various crafts. It is a simple table where you can do some hands on jobs right at your own home. Definitely, this skill on how to build a workbench can come in very practical.

This simple process of how to build a workbench is actually very effective for those looking to recycle old pieces of furniture. With a minimum of effort and time, you can reuse old cabinets and put them to good use once again. Though you can find other guides on how to build a workbench, you will find that this easy to do process is the simplest and the most affordable of them all.


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