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How to Build a Workbench that is Portable

how to build a workbench

A folding workbench will prove to be really helpful to anyone who wants to comfortably work anywhere anytime. The workbench will give the feeling of having your usual workplace even when you are at a different place. Knowing how to build a workbench, even foldable ones, will really come in handy. You do not really have to be a skilled worker to be able to figure out how to build a workbench. You can actually just search for methods on how to build a workbench online. Make it a point to look for ways on how to build a workbench that are simple and are for portable ones.

You will have to sketch your own plans for your portable workbench and look for supplies that are required to bring to life your plan. But if you are not that good with sketching and making plans, you can just look for plans or ways on how to build a workbench on the internet. Look for a plan for portable workbenches.


Items Needed in Learning How to Build a Workbench

After this, you are now ready to start your construction. First, secure four foot planks and lay them with 22 inches apart. Butt up the foot boards to the end boards’ insides. Secure every segment with two nails. Place a sheet of plywood on the frame. It must be flush on all sides so there’s no overhang. When securing the plywood, the nails must be about six inches apart. After this, turn the workbench upside down to install the legs. Put a 3 x 3 leg in a corner. You can mount the leg by putting a hinge and screwing it to the leg and to the post.

After this, put a hook lock to the end board. Place it an inch from post but also ensure that the hook can reach it. After connecting the hook, put the eye screw at the post where the hook can reach it. The succeeding post must be four inches from the corner. Put the hinge, hook lock and eye in the post with the same procedure as you did with the previous post. For the reverse posts, you’ll also have to do the procedures the same way but reverse compared to other side.


Notes on How to Build a Workbench

You do not have to be a really good craftsman to be able to know how to build a workbench for yourself. Although knowing how to build a workbench can be advantageous, you do not really have to be a pro. It doesn’t also have to be that complicated. As long as you get simple and accurate plans, you can easily learn how to build a workbench for yourself or for your family.

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