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How to Build a Workbench in Your Home

how to build a workbench

For those who are into making projects and crafts in their garage, a workbench proves to be really essential. This makes cutting or doing any type of work easier without having to worry about destroying your desk or your kitchen table. You can purchase ready-made workbenches from your home improvement stores. But, this can cost you so much. It is better to make your own workbench. You can do this by scavenging the internet for tips and methods on how to build a workbench. It is really simple. You can also look for plans that provide step-by-step detail on how to build a workbench on your own.


Tips on How to Build a Workbench

One should know the materials that are needed before you figure out how to build a workbench. You can make your own bench with just five 2 x 4 lumbers that have 12-foot lengths and two plywood sheets. But you will still have to identify the length of the table and re-size the lumber to fit your working space. You can use the extra lumbers in making shelves under your bench.

You have to make sure that you choose the right kind of wood for this purpose. Beech wood is preferred for making heavy duty workbenches. This is perfect for benches that are used daily. If you want lighter workbenches, then you could go for birch wood. This is less durable but is also hard. The thickness of the wood to be used is also a consideration. Most of the high quality benches are four inches thick that provides more strength.

After getting the materials, you still could not start executing you plan on how to build a workbench. You have to choose a location for your bench. This will determine the size of the workbench that you have to make.


Steps on How to Build a Workbench


Once you have everything ready, you can now start with the first step on how to build a workbench. You have to measure the suitable height for you. After this, you have to install your metal brackets to the walls studs. You need to put the brackets just below the snap line. Drill holes into the brackets for the bolts. You can check the plans for full details on how you can start building your own bench.

After doing all the steps required in how to build a workbench, you can sand your bench and stain it with a varnish to protect the wood and make it last longer. You can also paint it with any color that you want.

Learning how to build a workbench isn’t really that difficult. With a good plan on how to build a workbench, you can easily make your way throughout the steps. Just make sure that you read through the entire plan in order to find which ones are simple enough for you to follow. You do not really have to make this workbench really perfect. As long as you made it yourself and you’re satisfied with the experience of how to build a workbench, that’s what matters.

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